Extension Services

These units will be staffed by trained persons for field operations.
1). (a) Officers will visit homesteads and commercial farms to advice on best practices crops and livestock husbandry.
(b) Recommendations will be made in the fields and later from the research centres by these officers.
(c) Samples of soils, leaves, tissues and water, any signs of infestations or  diseases will be taken for further testing at the laboratories.

2) Special spray teams for pesticide and weedicide applications will visit all  farms and homesteads based on recommendations from the field officers.

3)  Fertilizer application teams will always be available.

4) Veterinary officers will visit livestock farms on regular basis.Field officers will visit crop farms during husbandry, the pre-harvest,harvest and post harvesting periods.
5) These officers will advise on best practices, including timing of harvesting and transportation of produces to the Parks.

6) Planting teams will be available to sow all seeds and plants from the nurseries into the fields.

7) Harvesting teams will be deployed to fields to harvest as per best practices.

8) Abattoir teams (of animals) can move into pastures upon orders.

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