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Our Company’s Story

With over 120 years of combined knowledge and professional experiences in the Agricultural Industry, our conceived interest to advance and promote integrating farming in the Agro sector grew more robust, hence the birth of Himalayan Blossoms.
Our intensive consultancies in Agriculture/Agro Processing started in 2012 and while we have 5 other core businesses we operate; our Agriculture/Agro Processing is the front runner absorbing 70% of our investable capital.
Our core operations in crops (60%) and livestock (40%) are geographically diversified in the South American Amazonian basin – Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru & Suriname, and will be centered around “Export Agro Processing Parks” which will be managed by 25 subsidiary companies providing different services to field and factory operations for processing and export to local, regional and international markets.

Why Choose Organic Farm Produces

  • Preserve our Ecosystems. Organic farming supports eco-sustenance, or farming in harmony with nature.
  • More Nutrients. Organically grown foods have more nutrients.
  • Taste Real Flavours. Organically grown foods generally taste better because nourished, well balanced soil produces healthy, strong plants.
  • Avoid GMO. Because organically grown food cannot be genetically modified in any way, choosing organic is the only way to be sure that foods that have been genetically engineered stay out of your diet.
  • Avoid Chemicals. Eating organically grown foods is the only way to avoid the cocktail of chemical poisons present in commercially grown food.
  • Health. Keep our children’s health and future safe.

Mission & Vision

our vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable future in agriculture using high-tech solutions to become an industry leader in Organic crop and livestock production for farmers feeding the world. We visualize having an organized production to follow organized markets.

  • To operate a financially viable group of companies using modern technologies.
  • To create an environment for: Knowledge Development; Family Values; Wealth Creation; and Spiritual Values.

Agriculture Products

Fresh Vegetables

Different Livestock


Modern Technique


Some Of Our Products

Best quality products

“Juices of fruits and vegetables are pure gifts from Mother Nature and the most natural way to heal your body.”

Special Crops 30%
Fruits 20%
Vegetables 7%
Provisions 2%
Spices 1%
Cattle 3%
Ruminants 10%
Apiculture 2%
Poultry 10%
Aquaculture 15%

Our Products

From integrated farms, produces will move into EXPORT AGRO PARKS (SEZ) and products will move to supermarkets’ shelves of local, regional, North American & European developed markets.

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